Co-existence is key to OUR success

ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime
ocean waves crashing on shore during daytime

Welcome to my Space of Atom. Here, YOU are the Gold Particle. I believe that you and I are same but different, yet... still the same. Just like an atom. That makes us up. The number of positive and negative electric charges may differ for each one of us, but our nuclei remain the same. Think of protons and electrons as purusha and prakruti, yin and yang or any other balancing energies that reside within us.

Every week I speak to one interesting person of Indian origin who call a country other than India their home. I talk to them to know how they have adapted to a new country, their journey, their acceptance of certain things or certain ways things are done... I want to know your stories, your experiences, the work you do, your talents and any niche you may have created for yourselves... the challenges that you have faced are important to me and I also want to know how you have resolved them.

It is all about Co-existence, Acceptance and Adapting.

In my Space of Atom, you can listen to Podcasts on musings of life and co-existence, watch videos interviews and you can also access my short fiction stories and poetry.

Enjoy your wanderings through Space of Atom and share your thoughts with me.

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