Alia Bhatt - the newest face of Gucci

Alia Bhatt scores big with Gucci by becoming the fashion icon for the world famous luxury fashion brand making India proud. Alia, you go girl!



5/15/20231 min read

Pic: Creative Commons
Pic: Creative Commons

Gucci’s newest face, the popular actress Alia Bhatt, is now the one to influence your fashion. Grabbing eye balls, Alia Bhatt – the brand new ambassador of   Gucci – makes a statement that is bold, modern and vibrant. The duo promise a fresh look to the world of fashion.

Strong Statement of Feminine Power

The delicate looking, baby-faced Alia Bhatt has not only grown in her personal life – as a new mother of a baby boy – but also as an actress. Strong characters   that she portrays with confidence have brought her accolades in the recent films that she has done. Many a girl in her audience finds a sympathetic vibe with Alia Bhatt and those exactly are the people that Gucci would like to influence though the versatile actress.

Gucci, as an iconic brand, is known for its dynamic and inspirational statements. That is exactly why the two have struck a chord – which is to celebrate   individuality.


Gucci Comes Home to You

The luxury fashion brand is nearer home than thought before. And Alia – with her charm and beauty – takes the brand with her to the audience in every nook   and corner of the world. Soon, Alia will be underscoring the need for delicate elegance, exclusivity, and simplicity with a touch of no-nonsense kind of fashion.

If that is what you are looking for, then you will know that this is the explosive collaboration that you never realized you needed.

Celebrating ‘Explosive’ Chemistry

It is visible to anyone looking. We are talking about the explosive chemistry between Gucci and Alia Bhatt. The 100-year-old brand, known for its legacy of   creative designs and magnetism, has chosen its ambassador wisely.

Watch out, Dear World, for Alia Bhatt is the new face of Gucci. She will change the way you may want to look. Wink… wink… and you may just want to follow her too!