Kush Arora - Indian-descent Global Musical Sensation

Kush Arora is an Indian origin global musical sensation, but was born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, US, As a musician and a producer, Kush has firmly captured the music scene globally.



5/18/20232 min read

An Indian descent boy, born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, US, Kush Arora is today a global name in belting out passionate music. He has found the vibe with his discerning audience who lap up EDM which spells innovation and 'different'. Kush has time and again displayed his penchant for blending diverse genres of music and he has carved out a niche for himself by creating unique sonic landscapes. As a musician and a producer, Kush has firmly captured the music scene globally.

A Musical Journey

Kush was exposed to a plethora of musical influences from an early age. It helped that he grew up in a multi-cultural environment. Kush, hence, developed a deep appreciation for musical genres including reggae, dancehall, and dub among others. These influences can be seen in his unique sound and his out-of-the-box approach to music production.

In his teenage years, Kush began experimenting with production software and polishing his skills as a music producer. One major music scene, the underground music, drew him with passion and Kush started composing tracks that wove traditional and contemporary music. His tracks embrace strains of dub, dancehall, reggae, and bass, creating heart-stopping music that carves itself on the listener's minds. Probably the most iconic trend that he has initiated is his usage of Indian folk instruments such as Algozha and Tumbi and the sound beats of Punjabi Bhangra music. Kush has made his unique blend of music heard in his albums such as Only Now, Boiling Over, and Dub Elements. The ear-friendly and hummable rhythms are marked by his ability to intricately weave different genres of music together and create an enthralling composition.

Multi-talented Musician

Kush has widened his reach to his music lovers around the world by collaborating with popular artists like Blakkamoore, MC Zulu and others. In addition to his production work, Kush Arora is also known for his dynamic live performances and DJ sets. His energy and enthusiasm on stage are infectious, creating an electric atmosphere that keeps audiences captivated and moving to the rhythm. Kush is equally popular in the music industry for his DJ sets. His listeners look up to him for powerful, booming beats that are sure to send them into a musical high.

The Journey Continues

Kush Arora is a brand in himself today both as a musician and a producer. With each album, Kush continues to make waves. Space of Atom wishes more power to Kush Arora, the one to set new musical trends.

DJ mixing music
DJ mixing music