Vidya Vox weaving musical magic across borders

What happens when you weave rich classical Indian music with the heart-throbbing pop beats... you get Vidya Vox - the YouTube sensation and a girl with a magic touch when it comes to music.



5/18/20232 min read

Vidya Vox (Pic: Wiki Commons)
Vidya Vox (Pic: Wiki Commons)

Vidya Vox weaving musical magic across borders

Vidya Iyer was born in 1990 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India but was raised in Virginia, US. Her home life kept her in touch with Indian traditions and culture while the world outside brought her closer to the Western way of living. The multi-cultural influence shaped her formative years and her unique sense of individuality lapped it up. Vidya Iyer became a full-fledged musician by the name of Vidya Vox in 2015. She seamlessly and creatively blended ancient and rich Indian classical music with the rhythmic and booming beats of the Pop music. And she began her YouTube channel the same year.

The YouTube Heartthrob

According to NBC News, Vidya's music is a mix of Western pop, EDM, Bollywood hit songs, and Indian classical music. Her YouTube channel has accumulated over 7 million subscribers since its inception.

Her music videos created a massive fan base attracting millions of viewers and subscribers from the world over. Her listeners are enthralled by her imaginative lyrics that are woven together with a dramatic twist. Probably, one of her most popular blend of a song by The Chainsmokers' is her Closer that jumps with the energy of the popular Bollywood song Kabira. The song became a super hit and reached out to the masses.

The allure of her voice, combined with the innovative music fusion and original compositions, has truly bridged international borders bringing together a wide audience effortlessly.

Language No Bar

Vidya easily transitions between her own mother tongue which is Tamil, Hindi and English languages in her lyrics. And her sense of individuality shines through her celebration of her natural and adopted roots, traditions and culture. Above all, she celebrates humanity which is exactly what resonates through her personality, and her music. Many a young and aspiring artist credits Vidya for encouraging them and for being a go-getter in the global musical world.

Reigning Musical Queen

Vidya Vox has become the musical queen who has loyal fans across the globe. As one who is inclusive in her music and erasing man-made borders, Vidya Vox has truly become a musical icon of the world today.